Summer School 2017

Zeit: 03.09. - 09.09.2017
Ort: Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen, Munscheidstraße 14, 45886 Gelsenkirchen
Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes

The school is addressed to graduate students, post-doctoral scientists, and senior researchers with either experimental (synthetic/spectroscopic) or theoretical background, who are interested in the deep connections between molecular electronic structure, magnetism, spectroscopy, and reactivity of transition metal complexes. The participants will have the opportunity to obtain knowledge and develop skills in the use of theory and computational chemistry to understand and predict spectroscopic properties of open-shell systems, enriching their view on how modern electronic structure methods are employed in transition metal research.

03. September (14:00 Uhr) bis 09. September (14:00 Uhr) 2017

Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen


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