Physics & Medical Engineering Laboratory


Ongoing focus in Prof. Dr. Waldemar Zylka research group is system biology, especially cancer modelling and its personalized medical usage through tomographic imaging technologies like MRI, CT and MPI and other techniques, e.g. image analyses and image guidance in therapy.

Another research focus is computational electromagnetics, i.e. modelling and design of coils and fast calculation of near-field electromagnetic field applied to MRI and other modalities and therapy schemes with emphasis on quality, risk management, and temperature rises.

A third field of research activities is medical imaging and medical physics. For instance, Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) using ferromagnetic carbon which is a collaborative effort with the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), Brazil.

Taught teaching modules and courses offered by the head of the laboratory Prof. Dr. Waldemar Zylka include lectures in physics, including medical and biophysics, electrodynamics, and computational electromagnetics.

Lab courses are hold in physics, medical physics and imaging, and electromagnetic field calculations. The lab is equipped with working installations of a CT and a MRI scanner, workstations with installed simulation packages, e.g. Ansys, Matlab, and Monte Carlo codes, as well as various measurement devices, e.g. for fiber optic thermometry.  

Members of the Laboratory are PhD and MSc students working on final projects and preparing theses. All members actively participate in medical physics and biomedical engineering networks comprised of physical, medical and engineering institutes at several universities in Germany and abroad.