1st International Conference on Sustainability in Business and Law

Date of the conference: Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

Background and Key Topics

Equity between generations is being discussed in philosophy, in society and politics and - last but not least - in law and economics. Especially the goal of protecting our planet from climate change in order to enable future generations to live has long dominated the debate on intergenerational justice. Since the last few years, other challenges have emerged that lead to inequities in certain areas of burden sharing, not only for the current, but also for future generations. One of these challenges is the COVID19 pandemic, which has very different impacts on the economies of each state. This begins with the distribution of vaccines, where economically weaker nations have often inadequately or not been supplied at all, at the expense of the health of their citizens and ultimately their economic strength. Another crisis that is still ongoing is Russia's war against Ukraine. A long-believed stability in Europe thus came to an end. The consequences are serious: many are dead and injured and considerable risks arise for the environment, for example through the emission of greenhouse gases by missiles, fighter jets and lots of tanks. But also outside Ukraine people are suffering, especially from food and energy shortages, the effects of which will be felt by later generations. The above challenges are just a few that today's policy makers must address in order to ultimately ensure inter- and intra-generational equity. The conference is intended to be a forum for discussion, especially in the context of legal and economic aspects, in dealing with the inequities that we are constantly encountering.

Agenda, Speakers and further Information

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