Welcome to the English site of Prof. Fieberg

Prof. Fieberg startet in 2017 as professor for Building Service Engineering at the Westphalian University of Applied Science. He is focussed on HVAC applications and Building Information Modeling both in teaching and research.

During ten years in leading positions within the HVAC industry he gathered deep knowledge of technology developments as well as market trends.

These insights are reflected in his lectures giving vivid impressions of fundamentals (humid air, fluid mechanics, acoustics) as well as advanced examples for HVAC systems and applications (swimming pools, hospitals, marine oil & gas, data centres).


All theory, dear friend,  is grey, but the golden tree of life springs ever green. (J.W. Goethe)

The HVAC laboratory is equipped with state of the art measurement devices to present the practical side of engineeering work to the students. The lab is also suited for research and development activities such as

- Indoor Air Quality / Comfort

- Heating & Cooling Testing

- Air Distribution

- Chilled Ceiling acc. to DIN EN 14240:2004

- Pressure drop of ducts and components

- Fan and system efficiency acc. to EPBD, EnEG, EnEV und DIN SPEC 15240